Our Flavours!

Gelato & Sorbetto

Traditional Flavours:

Chocolate Gelato

Strawberry Gelato

Pistachio Gelato

Espresso Gelato

Vanilla & Strawberry Swirl Gelato

Vanilla & Raspberry Swirl Gelato

Tiramisu Gelato

Vanilla & Caramel Apple Chunk

Mango Sorbetto

Passion Fruit Sorbetto

Mango & Passion Fruit Sorbetto

Lemon Sorbetto

Chocolate & Contreau Gelato (contains alcohol)

Coffee & Kahlua Gelato (contains alcohol)

Many more flavours are available upon request!

Note:  Sugar-free and vegan gelato recipes are available upon request for your special event.  We can also provide a variety of what we call tipsy scoops (alcohol)

Asian Inspired Flavours:

Japanese Matcha

Matcha & Red Bean Swirl Gelato

Vanilla, Jasmine & Strawberry Swirl Gelato

Miso, Ginger and Cherry Chunk Gelato

Pistachio and Black Sesame Gelato

Grains and Chestnut Gelato

Jasmine Tea Gelato

Oolong Tea Gelato

Spicy & Tangy Tamarind Gelato

Strawberry Haw Flake Gelato

Lemon Yuzu Sorbetto

Sake Kasu & Plum Gelato (availability varies)


Plain Waffle Cone (Vegan)

Milk Chocolate Dipped Cone

Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate Dipped Cone

Marshmallow Cloud Cone


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